Cycle of Dry Plums

Plum Planting

Vintoia-Exim staff carefully follows every stage of development of plum orchards, from planting to harvesting. Our staff is committed to environment protection and care for producers and consumers.

Plum Orchards

Our orchards are unique, because we decided to plant them leaving large space among trees and rows, in order to give plums enough space to enjoy sunrays and qualitative irrigation: two important factors in obtaining high quality products. This space also permits the access of specialized agricultural equipment for all season processes, from tree cleaning to their harvesting.

The efficiency of plum orchards beginning with the planning of trees is obtained only after 6 years.


All sorts of plums for producing dry plums pass through a very serious selection.


The harvested plums are transported to the drying machines in a few hours. They are washed and arranged on special plates that are placed on the pallet from the drying tunnels, where the plums are being dried at well-controlled temperature. Usually the process lasts 30 hours.


After drying, plums are stored in containers and are preserved in the storage house. Then, they are calibrated and sorted by the specialized staff for packing.

Quality Checking and Packing

We use the most modern equipment and supplies to get the best taste and highest quality of our products.

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