Plum drying and dehydration

The plum drying process is one of the oldest food storage and preservation technologies.

Dry plums

Technological process

Dry plums production process consists of a few technological operations such as: sorting → washing → checking → caliber sorting → placing on the belt → drying and dehydrating.

Preparing pitless fruits for the drying-hydration process is almost identical to the “standardized” drying of plums. The difference is recorded in the additional plum pitting, then the late checking of fruits and manual removal of non-qualitative fruits or of those with pits.

There are two types of pitless dry plums: fresh fruits that have their pits removed and the fruits that have passed through the drying-dehydration process. In the contemporary technology, both pit removal methods have some definite priorities.


In the high-quality production process, the appropriate chemical composition of the dry plums is as important as the size of fruits. The chemical composition of plus consists of sugar, acids and water. The sugar should not be lower than 35%, and the acids – no more than 2%.

The proportion of acid/sugar gives the sour sweet taste to fruits.

Curiosities about Plums

Dry plums represent the delicious and healthy dry fruits, widely used in food consumption, dietology and popular medicine.

Plums have P vitamin and substances related to it, that contribute to strengthening blood vessels and decreasing blood pressure.

The Potassium in plums has diuretic effect and is very important in flushing out salt and water excess from the human body.

Plums are among other fruits that have a rich amount of E vitamin, which has a higher level in plums than in oranges, tangerines, pears, cherries.

Processing and Packing

Our company has a simple and useful method of packing dry plums, by preserving its special taste and all nutritive substances.


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